Meet Beth


Beth's walk upon the earth has led her on an inward communion with the Divine.

Listening closely to the whispers of her Higher Self,  she followed the breadcrumbs moment to moment. Very clear signs, signals and messages began to pour in leading Beth step by step on a journey inward to purify,  cleanse and alchemize every level of her being and the invitation to let go of everything that was not aligned with her highest essence.  

What showed up along the way was a path of magical synchronicity, self realizations and the deepening of the love of Self.  


messages through a myriad of totems.  Animals, insects, birds and swimmers of the ocean, each sharing their medicine and messages to support and guide along the way.  The Crystal Beings, plants, trees, clouds, the fae, devas and elementals. The Ancestors and Star Nations. Symphonic's  Higher Self continued to lead her through deep initiations of trust and surrender.  


The white animals began to appear to Beth in physical form such as a baby albino white whale, spotted white dolphin, white owls, white peacocks, white horses, white wolves, white dogs, white buffalos, white praying mantis.  The white doves showed up consistently as a symbol of Beths Higher Self guiding her along the way. (The dove representing the embodiment of spirit into matter.)

The profundity of these encounters unlocked a deep remembrance within.  Beth continues to live the practice of deep listening and heightened awareness.  Tracking the self, returning again and again to balance within. 

The ascension pathway to Sovereign.

Beth has been called to many sacred portals across the planet.  She has Co-facilitated retreats working with the crystalline grids of the earth with the intention to restore all to balance and love... The divine union of all creation.

Blessed by her intimate connection with the ancient whale beings who share a message of non-attachment.  Their reminder to let go of ‘E - E’, Everything and Everyone.  True liberation!

Her passion for assisting others on their ascension pathway has been one that she has walked for 17  years sharing many varied healing modalities and forms. Currently,  Beth offers sessions as a Joyful Journey Coach as well as a pre-natal massage therapist.


In Beth's heart she holds the vision that all beings are sovereign, whole and unified as One.

Birthing The New Divine Human...together. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman


.White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the earth to remind humanity of its original divine innocence and purity.  She shared the wisdom with the Lakota Sioux Nation and how to move into right relation with Source Creator, self and all of life through the sharing of the Sacred Pipe.  Reminding all to ‘Do No Harm’ through our actions, words and deeds.  To be responsible for our sacral energy each and every moment, thereby honoring the self and the other in all of our exchanges.  Before White Buffalo Calf Woman departed, she asked that these teachings be embodied, held and kept sacred by the Lakota Nation until the time arrived when all would be shared with all nations on Turtle Island, the Rainbow Tribe.  White Buffalo Calf Woman shared that when the white buffalo calves are born, it will be the prophesied time of great shift and change where many of the two legged‘s would have forgotten their relationship to Creator Source and there would be a great state of imbalance and much harm done to the earth and to one another. And as a time of great purification, we will know that all is being restored to a state of harmony, balance and wholeness.After the teachings were imparted, White Buffalo Calf Woman began to walk away from the tribe.  She rolled upon the earth 4 times and turned into a brown buffalo calf.  Then a red, yellow and finally a white buffalo calf and then she vaporized.  Representing the colors of all Rainbow Tribes upon the earth.  All colors of the rainbow, when blended together create the White...Unity, wholeness, All One.And it was foretold that at the time when the white buffalo births, she would return to purify the earth.There have been many white buffalo calves borne since August 20, 1994 as well as many sacred white animals and insects who are emanating the Codes of the White...Leading humanity through a state of great purification, restoring all to its original state of balance...purity, innocence and wholeness.  Sovereign embodied.We are being led step-by-step through the gateway of our ascension.   The inner journey of self realization.  Realize...opening our ‘real eyes’ to see the truth that there is nothing outside of ourselves, only a Divine reflection looking right back at us.  It’s the letting go, the practice of non-attachment and the allowance of what is.  This is the path of loveThe path of liberationThe path of the awakened heartthe path of joy and eternal play with creation!The alchemical marriage within The  Unio MysticaTwo beings sharing one aura... as OneA celebration of the mystical journey to Self...With Eyes Wide Open